What are the Rates?

Use the Reservations/Request a Quote Form to find out. If you request a price quote using our website there is 10% Web-only Discount but not available if you simply make a reservation on the phone.

How will I pay for my ride?

Quicklivery never sees your Credit Card info. You pay the transportation service provider who will be servicing your request directly. All providers accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Google Checkout. Credit card transactions can be processed through Google Checkout to maintain the security of your personal information, or over the phone as well.

What are used for my transportation?

Sedans, Lincoln Town Cars, Stretch Limos & More.

When can I make a reservation?

You can book a reservation at any time of the day. We strongly recommend that you book a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

When do you Operate?

You can get picked up anytime. We operate 24/7

What types of Reservations are available?

  • - One way & round trips involving airport.
  • - One way & round trips not involving airport.
  • - Hourly service.

Where can I request to be picked up / dropped off?

Reservations to be picked up and dropped off at a specific street address, such as 123 APPLE St, or a specific area, such as Logan Airport. When making reservations online, the pickup and drop off cities can be anywhere in MA, NH, RI.

Are there fees / policies for extra stops?

  • 1. “Hourly” itineraries include unlimited unplanned extra stops, within the booked time period, free of charge. The driver is considered to be “On-Call”.
  • 2. For all other itinerary types, including one-way and round trip itineraries:
  • 3. Extra stops which you specifically mention when you fill out our online reservation form are considered “PLANNED”. Such extra stops are INCLUDED in the rate quote which you receive from us by email.
  • 4. Extra stops which you do NOT specifically mention when you fill out our online reservation form are considered “UNPLANNED”.

For such extra stops:

  • 1. The driver reserves the right to decline to make the extra stop.
  • 2. The driver reserves the right to charge an extra fee for the extra stop.
  • 3. The fee for the extra stop is due at the time the extra stop is requested.
  • 4. Fees collected by drivers for unplanned extra stops are NOT considered a tip/gratuity.
  • 5. The fee is left to the discretion of the driver, but is generally as follows, for time spent making the unplanned extra stop: for Sedan or Town Car: $25 per 30 minute period and for Van or Stretch Limo: $50 per 30 minute period

The tipping / gratuity policy?

Please consider giving your driver upon drop off; Industry Standard is 20%

What is the cancellation / refund policy?

If you contact to cancel your reservation more than 1 day in advance, there will be a full refund. If you contact us to cancel less than 24hours from your pickup, we reserve the right to offer no refund.