Quicklivery.net began operating in 2005 and has website since 2009. We offer service to the entire New England area. Our company also uses the latest dispatch and reservation technology which supports GPS and automated dispatch functions. In addition, our clients get 10% Online discount on our website.

Total Transparency using Quicklivery

Price Transparency, consistent and competitive, scientifically calculated pricing (using mileage data from BOSTON POLICE flat Rate book) can be obtained for any destination by going to "Reseveration "on our website at www.Quicklivery.com

Email confirmations with every reservation which eliminates reservation errors.

Voice confirmation when the driver is on location.

Client’s Reviews

Who are in extremely love with eco friendly system.

Peter Wacholtz

This driving service is amazing. They always are on time and the drivers are super friendly I highly recommend this business to anyone that needs a reliable driver service.

Michael Coleman

Took a livery for the first time. I heard disastrous things about this company and I was not going to use them. But after a 4 hour flight and no uber for an hour I gave in and gave quick livery a shot. I'm glad I did the driver showed up in 20 minutes in a Toyota prius placed my bag in his car and during this snow storm he had such a cheerful demeanor. He took his time to get me safely to my hotel and kept me in such hysterical laughter I forgot about being tired. Great time THANK YOU

Ryan Zaluski

They Take me to the airport every time im due for Vegas or maimi..always ontime, extremely professional & very Courteous

Don Fisher


Dame Dash

Good drivers and excellent service

Cassidy Wyan